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Hi! I'm Lisa, or Scrapadoodler on my scrapbooking sites. I am married and have two beautiful little girls ages 9 and 4. I am a believer in Jesus - a child of the King. I love CHRISTMAS, photography, scrapbooking, trash to treasure home decor, and anything crafty! I also have a new love of cleaning and organizing. I have a growing collection of snowmen and I just LOVE Christmas! I hope you enjoy my blog....sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and spend a little time with me! God bless you today!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scrapdango Grand Re-Opening Crop!!!

Scrapdango is under new management and is having a Grand Re-Opening crop to celebrate this month! There are alot of challenges and inspiration going on there......please stop by and see what all the excitement is all about! If you love to scrap, you'll be glad you stopped by Scrapdango today! Click HERE to get all the info! If you join in the fun, please let them know I sent you!!! There is a thread in the crop forum for referring a friend, that's the place to let them know! Happy scrapping and I hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March is Here!

March is here and winter has come a little bit more as well. The snow from the past couple of days had melted, but today it's starting to snow a little bit more. Maybe it will stay this time......it's been such a strange winter this year.....I can't complain though.....the little bit of snow, little bit of cold has actually not been bad at all.

Some good news is that we have sold our house in NY! Yay!! We had been waiting for the house inspection news, and apparently things aren't too shabby! So that contigency has been taken off the house contract.....YAY!! NOW, all we are waiting for is for our buyer to get the loan.......supposedly they have been qualified at a couple banks so it shouldn't take too long for them to get one! I can't wait to have that mortgage outta here!! THEN we can go ahead and purchase a home near hubby's work.....I've been looking for soooo long. I just want a place to call home and settle down again and get the girls settled. Hopefully Julie will do better in school this next year wherever we settle down.

As for scrapping.....I've been to a couple SHORT crops here in PA, but I miss my scrappy friends up in NY......it just hasn't been the same. I haven't really scrapped here at the rental place at all, but I've been looking for a new scrappy home online and found Scrapdango.....seems like a great place and lots of talent and inspiration too! I also am thinking about going back to My Sketch World.....I miss the girls there also. Maybe by getting back to some online scrappy places I will feel my scrapping mojo kick in.....we'll see!!

That's all for today! Enjoy life and remember to SIMPLIFY!