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Hi! I'm Lisa, or Scrapadoodler on my scrapbooking sites. I am married and have two beautiful little girls ages 9 and 4. I am a believer in Jesus - a child of the King. I love CHRISTMAS, photography, scrapbooking, trash to treasure home decor, and anything crafty! I also have a new love of cleaning and organizing. I have a growing collection of snowmen and I just LOVE Christmas! I hope you enjoy my blog....sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and spend a little time with me! God bless you today!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Packing up the Moving Truck, Thanks, and Misses!!

Well, today is the day that we start packing up our new/old house, lol!! New because we JUST bought it LAST August, and OLD cuz now we are selling it in order to move AGAIN! After we thought that we were all settled here in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, God says....."Sorry, time to go again!" We were just getting used to this house, the school district, friends, church family........and now we have to do it all over again. LOL! Boy, what a sense of humor God has sometimes....ya know?! Then again, maybe it's not really humor He is after with us, maybe it's something serious that He has for us to do.......idk, but whatever it is..........we're GOING ........ on faith!! We have kept things in much prayer since we first heard about our "Maybe having to move" situation. Things do happen to be falling right into place for us....we really have not hit any snags yet, and really, we do not plan on hitting any. God is in control and we are going to keep on believing! Well, later on today after church......we are going to start loading the big Penske moving truck! Some people from church are even coming by to help us load it, even though they do NOT want us leaving!!! :( We have made some wonderful friends here at our church in the short amount of time we've been here, and they already feel soooo much like family....especially to me!! I am going to miss all the ladies from my sunday school class....all of you are the BEST!! I think so much of all of you, and I just want to THANK you all for accepting me and my family into your church family. It has been WONDERFUL getting to know all of you and being a part of you. What a blessing you all have been to us!! Many many thanks!!! And a HUGE THANK YOU, ahead of time, to all of those coming to help us load up the moving truck.....it'll be nice to have a few extra sets of hands, but we'll love the fellowship even more. The church has been such a big part of us while we were here, thanks to the LORD above for leading us to Port Allegany Alliance!! Well, that's about it for tonight.......Monday we'll finish any packing and loading of the truck and get the house picked up and cleaned, then get a good night's rest, and then leave on Tuesday morning for the BIG ROAD TRIP to Oklahoma!! Peace and blessings to all! Lisa

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oh My Grief!!!!!!!

Has it REALLY been THAT long since I last posted??!?!?!! Yes, I believe it has.......aarrgghh!! We are still not moved just yet, but I have been sooooooo busy packing, sorting, and cleaning around here. I just haven't had time to sit and blog if ya know what I mean, lol! Please forgive me again about not finishing my prayer challenge......I do want to continue doing this, but it will have to wait til after we move to Oklahoma!! It's just a few days away.....I can't believe it.......it's almost here!! We are on another new adventure.......I believe that there is something in Oklahoma that God has for us.....I'm not sure exactly what THAT is yet, but I know I need to put my trust in Him, and know that He is in control! I'm scared, nervous, excited, and happy all at the same time! Yeah I know, I sound pretty messed up huh, lololol!!! Ah, that's okay....... I'm a tiny bit stressed but not toooo bad actually.......thank the Lord for my mother in law........she's been helping soooo much around here.......so if you read this Mom, THANK YOU for all you do!!! Love you!!! :) Well, just wanted to update and let you all that I didn't fall off the face of the earth JUST yet! LOL!! Hopefully I can check back in another week and a half to two weeks and HOPEFULLY be somewhat unpacked and settled.......idk, I guess we'll see once we get there! Well, that's all for today......take care and may God bless you!! Lisa