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Hi! I'm Lisa, or Scrapadoodler on my scrapbooking sites. I am married and have two beautiful little girls ages 9 and 4. I am a believer in Jesus - a child of the King. I love CHRISTMAS, photography, scrapbooking, trash to treasure home decor, and anything crafty! I also have a new love of cleaning and organizing. I have a growing collection of snowmen and I just LOVE Christmas! I hope you enjoy my blog....sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and spend a little time with me! God bless you today!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Craft Wars!

OK, who watched the new show on TLC........Craft Wars with hostess Tori Spelling?!! It was soooooo cool!! I think it's one of my new favorite shows!! I just loved Cheryl's playhouse she made with the pencil window boxes and rulers for barn door decor........awesome!! Can't wait til next week's show......I'm hooked!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

An Expensive Day!

Boy, today was surely ONE of the most expensive days EVAH!!! Well, we traded in our Jeep Cherokee for a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.......well, from what I got to drive it today, I LOVE IT!!!!!! Hubby used it tonight to take dd Julie to see the movie BRAVE! We'll use it tomorrow when we all go to get our hair cuts and go to see Grammy!!! We got a great deal on our trade, but still, it was quite a bit of money for ONE DAY!!

Next.....to the bank for house paperwork.....yucky.....and writing a check for bank fees today.......UGH!! And WOW, closing costs nowadays, SERIOUSLY!! I think my jaw almost hit the floor when I saw that amount......you would think with all the house hunter shows I've watched, I would've thought to ask the seller to help us with closing costs, but NOOOOOOOO, I can't remember to do THAT! Talk about going senile or having a blonde moment, even though I'm a redhead, lol!! Sheeeeeeesh!!

Anyhow, those two events today made for a couple good sized checks today.....now I'm a little worried about having the money at closing.......well, I'll just have to get a few more photography jobs and hubby will have to do some overtime.....good thing we both LOVE what we do!!! I think we'll be doing an awful lot of praying about this too!! I know we just need to trust the Lord, that HE knows exactly what's going on, and HE will make a way where there seems to be no way!!

Well, that's my bit for today! Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, June 18, 2012

We Got It!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!! We bought a new house! Finally!! After looking at soooooo many houses and putting in a couple of offers on a couple other places, the third time really was a charm! Here is a picture of our new home to be! I can't wait to decorate for all the holidays, especially Christmas......I am sooooo going to go all out this year!!

It's on approx. half an acre, that's about what we had before, but more of this property is usable, unlike our last place! I think we even have room for a pretty good sized pool and/or a playground set! Yay!!!
I am sooooooooo excited!! It's been nice in our rental trailer, but it'll be nice to be in an actual house again!! It's also a 3 bedroom, so each of our little girls will get their own room, YAY!! I think Daddy and I are MORE EXCITED for that than they are, lol!! I am soooooo going to try to keep a place for everything and keep everything in it's place........my word for the year has been "SIMPLIFY"! Soooo, we shall see! It's so amazing to see how God has had His hand in this whole entire process of moving here to PA. All glory to Him for leading us down here and hubby to his new job. Thanks God! You truly are AWESOME!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2, 2012

I used a sketch that was made by Lucy Chesna at My Sketch World...and can be found HERE!

YAY!!!! I scrapped!!! So far, only ONE layout, but it's something!! Please check out the Summer Points Challenge at Scrapfreak, and the ABC crop at My Sketch World!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Vacation!!!!!

Yay, it's June 1 and summer vacation is upon us! I just LOVE this time of year! Sooooooo much to do and lots of time to figure out when you want to do all that stuff! One thing I am going to do is scrapbook........yes siree bob!! I am going to scrap!! I haven't done toooooo much of that this past year, simple because we were in the process of selling our house and then packing and moving....all that is stressful enough, but have you tried doing that in the winter and freezing cold?? Oh my, the stress is frigid!! hahaha!! Well, we did sell our house and now we have a rental here in Coudersport PA.....have I told you how much I LOVE country living?! I do!!! NOT tooooo crazy about Coudersport itself, but God's country, Potter County, is just gorgeous!! I love taking photographs around the area, just beautiful!!

Well, back to scrapping.......I think I will make some time this weekend to do just that! Something that will help motivate me and inspire me will be the summer challenge going on at Scrapfreak! It's a point based challenge and the more layouts or cards you do, the more points you get.....the more embellies you use, the more points you get.......it's awesome! The girls there are soooo friendly as well, so that helps out too!! There is sooooo much inspiration there....if you happen to stop by and join in the challenge, let them know that I convinced you to try it out!!

There is also an "ABC Crop" going on all month long at My Sketch World!! They are a fun bunch with tons of inspiration too!! You can check that crop out HERE!

Well, that's enough for tonight....need to figure out what I'm going to scrap this weekend! Later gator!