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Hi! I'm Lisa, or Scrapadoodler on my scrapbooking sites. I am married and have two beautiful little girls ages 9 and 4. I am a believer in Jesus - a child of the King. I love CHRISTMAS, photography, scrapbooking, trash to treasure home decor, and anything crafty! I also have a new love of cleaning and organizing. I have a growing collection of snowmen and I just LOVE Christmas! I hope you enjoy my blog....sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and spend a little time with me! God bless you today!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer is ALMOST over!!!

Here are my two little girls at the end of summer!

I can't believe that summer has come and "almost" gone so quickly! School starts up for us here in my part of NY on September 7, so I'm looking forward to that! Mommy hopefully will get a LITTLE more quiet time while dd Julie is at school for the day! BUT, with dd Rachel on the move and getting into things now, I might be just as busy, we'll see!

Another good thing about summer being almost over is that I get to start my position as Guest Designer for My Sketch World on September 1!!! Yay!! I am sooooooooooooo looking forward to this. It's a wonderful wonderful place to be and always soooooo much going on! Tons and tons of inspiration as well, stop by when you get the chance!

Another place for scrappy inspiration is Scrap-Friendzy! They have Scrap-U going on starting September 1........you can bet there will be alot of back to school type challenges and fun! Check this wonderful place out as well if you get the chance!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exciting News Day!!

First exciting piece of news is: today is our 14th wedding anniversary........yep, hubby and I have been married for 14 years.......doesn't seem that long yet! LOL! We are going to dinner tonite and maybe a movie, we'll see how long grammy wants to watch the girls for?!! LOL

Second piece of exciting news is: I am going to be Guest Designer for the month of September at My Sketch World! Yay me!!!!!!! I am soooooooo excited and very thankful to Lucy for giving me this chance! You rock Lucy!!

Other than that, not much else going on today........
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!
Take care and God bless!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Aaaah, It's Friday!!!!!!!

I just LOVE Fridays, but they always seem to come and go so quickly! Well, not much planned for today, just taking Julie, Rachel, and our nephew Gauge to the beach today to play and have fun, and HOPEFULLY mommy can relax a little bit! LOL I am sooo hoping to scrap tonite, it's been a few days and I really need some scrappy therapy! Speaking of scrappiness, starting in September, there is going to be some fun going on at Scrap-Friendzy!! They are having a scrappy U for some back to school/college fun! I hope you'll think about coming and seeing what it's all about! Tell them that Lisa sent you! Hope to see you there! U can either click on the link above or go to the scrappy U logo to the left! Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Been Waaaay Too Long!

This is a card from the ABC Summer crop going on at My Sketch World this month.
The challenge for the letter "A" is adornment....bling and sparkle on a card!

This layout is for the letter "B" challenge - border punches (but, since I didn't have any border punches, they let me use my deco scissors and my wavy cutter!

This card is for the letter "C" challenge - Clouds on a card
Usually I'm not very good at making cards, but I was fairly happy with these!

Wow, I can't believe it's been since June that I've posted! What a bad blogger I am, lol! Well, I've been taking it easy this summer....and the girls and I have been having a blast! Julie has been taking swimming lessons and Rachel plays at the beach playground and I sit at the picnic tables and relax and chat with the girls there. What a blessing this beach has been this summer, omgoodness!! Julie has been going ALMOST everyday for free swim......missed a few days here and there, but for the most part, we've been there most of the summer.

I've been doing a little bit of scrappiness this summer too. I've been involved with Scrap Friendzy's scrap camp called Camp Friendzy.....that's been helping to make the summer fun too! My girlz there are sooooo wonderful and sooooo talented! If you get a chance, stop by and say hello, maybe even join if you feel up the challenge!

I've also gone back to one of my other scrappy sites........My Sketch World owned by Lucy Chesna..........she and the girls there are sooooooo wonderful as well and also, another VERY talented scrappy board!!

Well, today was our youngest daughter's birthday.........I cannot believe that she turned 2 today! Where has the time gone?! We celebrated down at grammy's house and what a lovely day it was too.........sunshine, cool breezes, no humidity.......just perfect! Pictures to follow soon!

Today is also the year anniversary of my father passing away.......I didn't really get to know him, but he and I were in the process of getting to know one another and I wish that I would've been able to. I had soooooo many questions for him, and I also wanted him to see his only two granddaughters. Maybe someday we will see him again.