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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


That's right, today is my little Julie's 6th birthday!! What a great day she has had too!! She brought cupcakes to school today (funfetti cakes with white frosting and sprinkles!), she only had half a day of school, she got to do ALMOST anything she wanted when she got home today (she played wii!), then she had a soccer game tonite and she scored a goal plus she stopped two balls from getting into the other teams goal, then we went to Applebee's for dinner and they sang happy birthday to her and she got a free sundae, and then we came home! Wasn't this just a great day to have?!! I sure hope MY birthday is this good! LOL!!

Other than that, not to much going on...........just getting the inside and outside of the house ready for her party this weekend! We are expecting quite a few people and kids!! OY!! What did I get myself into, LOL! I know everything will turn out okay, it almost usually does anyhow! Just alot to get ready is all.......anyhow......that's all for today! Will try to keep up at least once a week or so now!
Take care and God bless!


Tricia said...

Happy Birthday to you Julie!!!

BAHGL said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Julie!!