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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Day After Rachel's 3rd birthday party.........

The big birthday celebration for Rachel! Well, it wasn't all that big of a party, but most of the family was here.....we really missed the others that weren't able to show up, but we know they were here in spirit! Rachel had such a fun time with her cousins. We got her a Curious George cake because she has been watching "Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey" sooo much lately.....I just thought it would be appropiate for her, lol! Here is a picture of her cake!

We also had cookies and cream ice cream with the cake....YUM!! For dinner though, I had made bbq pulled pork in the crockpot, macaroni salad, and beans.......yummy!! LOVE birthdays and "food" get togethers, lol! Here is a picture of Rachel for her 3rd birthday celebration!

and here are some other fun pics we took!

Rachel, Grammy and Cousin Keirsten

Cousins: Gauge and Isabella, and Daddy!

Here are a couple group shot of MOST of grammy's grandkids!

I think fun was had by all!

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