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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend I had! Hubby and girls got mommy some flowers! Aren't they soooooooo pretty?!!

There's a funny story behind the flowers though, it still makes me giggle! Hubby had ordered some roses online for me to get the Thursday before Mother's Day.....well, Thursday came, and hubby called to see if I got a delivery. I said, "Nope, nothing today!" He said "WHAT???!!!, They were supposed to be here today!" Well, he called and complained that his order did not arrive, even though it gave confirmation of it being delivered online! Well, the company told him that they'd send a new order, but I wouldn't get it for Mother's Day. Well, little did we know, the flowers had been left at our neighbors house at the end of our driveway. I got them Friday morning. When I brought them home, I called hubby to tell him that I got the first order! He asked how I liked the roses! I said, "They aren't roses, but they are very pretty!" Here is a picture of the pretty bouquet!

He said they were SUPPOSED to be ROSES! Well, that's okay I said, we'll see what the next order brings, if it makes it to our house! LOL! Well, hubby called today and asked if I got a delivery......I told him no at first but then I went to check at the front door, and there was a box! He said, okay, let's open it and make sure we got roses this time!! Lo and behold, we got roses this time! They are just beautiful!! All different colors too.....I just LOVE them! I told hubby that I LOVE flowers, any kinds really....they all just smell sooooo wonderful! Anyhow....here are some pictures of my pretty roses!! I have such a wonderful family!

And they even gave me some time to scrap over the weekend.....it was a great weekend!


Tricia said...

well that was a double delivery! Wahoo! And they both are BEAUTIFUL!

Angele said...

Cute story, and beautiful flowers.