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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Craft Wars!!

Did anyone else get a chance to watch Craft Wars last night?!! OMGOSH, what a fun episode that was!! Love, love, LOVED the Christmas theme of the night! What a cool idea to make wreaths out of the winter clothes......my favorite was Cheryl's!! LOVED how she took tule, newspapers, and fabric from the clothes.... I do agree on a couple of things the judges said about it...I also didn't like those little rosette type flower thingies that were on it, and I didn't care for the upholstery strap that she used for the hanger......BUT with that said, I still like how it turned out.......and I LOVED her Christmas tree she made too! That was soooo cool!! I do have to say.......it's sooo easy to sit at home and think......hey, why didn't they do this or use that or think of this?? We aren't the ones under all the pressure to make a "stellar craft" as Tori says. I bet it's sooooo hard when you are actually on the show...sooo many things to think of and soooo many craft supplies to choose from.....other than what Tori says you have to use. I give all the "crafters" a great big KUDOS and how well they all have been crafting on the show and under all that pressure.......GREAT JOB CRAFTER CONTESTANTS!!!!!! When I was watching the show last night and saw all those postal supplies, wrapping paper, tape, and such...........and then Tori said to make a Christmas Tree.....the first idea that popped into my head was to take all those wrapping paper rolls and stacking them on top of each other, but wasn't sure what I'd use for the base or the middle pole to keep them altogether......I can get a great idea, but then I start flubbing up on how to proceed with that idea, lol!! Oh well, good thing I wasn't on the show then!! lol!! Well, maybe someday! OK, off to check out more craftiness on the internet.....have a great day!! LISA

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