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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Build a Bear Workshop surprise for Julie!

WOWZERS, what a loooooooooooong day! A very good day, but very long!
Here was our schedule, lol!
Wake up, have breakfast and get dd Julie off to school
Do some picking up and cleaning around here and take shower
Pick dd Julie up at school at 11:15a.m. (she had a short day due to parent/teacher conferences)
Go to Paper Factory store, Tim Horton's, and then head to Erie, Pa. for dd Julie's surprise day!
Arrive in Erie at Millcreek Mall............head to Build-a-bear-workshop!
Had fun there at Build a bear workshop........LOVE that place!! dd Julie made a bunny, made her sister a bear, and made one for her cousin's baby to be. We then picked out outfits for her bunny and Rachel's bear. What a great idea this store is! Love, Love, LOVE it I tell ya!!!!
Then walked around the mall to various stores, and to ACMoore, Michaels, and then to dinner!
Dinner at Old Country Buffet, and then to Chuck E. Cheese's for some play time!
After that we stopped by Joann's to check out some stuff!
Then finally, started back home to take grammy home.
Got to grammy's and I went in to grab a pepsi, and some christmas lights.
Came out of grammy's holding the lights, stepped down the two outside steps and slipped in the mud!!
Down I went! Pants got ALL filled with mud on the back side.......talk about cold! lolol!!
Oh well, didn't get hurt, just all muddy, lol!
Had to take them off so I didn't get mud all over the truck for the ride home, lol!
Got home and hubby brought me out another pair of pants.
Came inside and got dd's ready for bed!
She loved the Build-a-bear-workshop and is so very thankful for her wonderful grammy!
What a wonderful day! (well, except for slipping in the mud that is, lol!!)
Hopefully, pictures to follow pretty soon of B.A.B.W.! Stay tuned!

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Amy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day :) I love the name of your blog. After a rather stressful evening here at home, seeing your blog title just made me smile and wonder what I was so stressed out about to begin with:) Thanks:)