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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring is in the air.........

and I have the spring cleaning bug!!! Yep, I have started my spring cleaning already!! I still have lots of stuff to throw away, stuff to organize, and stuff that needs a place to be stored! It'll get there I'm sure, hopefully THIS will be the spring that everything gets done! I so need to get a few more totes or boxes to put away old clothes that don't fit all of us anymore....or maybe a better idea would be to give them to the Salvation Army store, then I wouldn't have to worry about storing them somewhere! hmmmmmm.......... I'd also like to get a small freezer for downstairs in the basement, a two door cabinet for in the kitchen or downstairs to keep extra canned goods in, some new curtains, some new flooring in the kitchen, new draperies in the living room.......oh man, I could go on and on and on........but, you get the idea!

Well, last night daddy finally was able to get the hardware he needed to put together Julie's old crib for Rachel!! Yay, now Rachel has a REAL bed to sleep in, and not just the pack-n-play or her bassinette! LOL!! Wow, she got a new highchair and a new bed (well, new to her)all within a couple of days.....I am sooo impressed, aren't you?!

Today turned out to be a pretty sunny day......maybe that's why it seems like spring out.......the sun is melting alot of the snow too! Yay! I cannot WAIT for this winter to be over with!

Well, that's about it for today....see ya soon!

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