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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Evening with a Princess.......

Today when Julie got home from school, I was going thru her notebook like I always do to see if she has any homework.....and inside there was a note from school. The library was having a story time with the Dairy Princess tonite......she was going to read some stories, play a couple of games, and learn how to make butter! I asked Julie if she wanted to go and of course she said, "YES!" So, that was it! We were going! We got there, and there was just a couple of kids from her school that she knew, and a couple of other older kids.....it was an okay turnout. (Hey, it's just an out in the hicks country library, what do ya expect?! LOL!) Well, it's good it was just a small group. The Dairy Princess was Lynette Chase, and she read some stories to them, played a game, and then came the exciting part for the kids...making real butter out of heavy cream!! BY THEMSELVES!! They had a blast!!

The princess poured just a little bit of heavy cream into plastic cups for the kids, then had them put the lids on tightly, and then shake them til they couldn't shake them any longer, lol!! (They did this in pairs so each child could share the job!) It was so fun to watch! What a neat idea to have the Dairy Princess come and read and share some fun lessons too! This is something that Julie will remember for quite sometime!!

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Tricia said...

oh that is so cool! What a great event!~