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Friday, March 8, 2013

Coupon Savings

Well, today was another fine day for my coupon savings!! I'm still not saving as MUCH as I'd like to yet, but it's still quite a bit!! I guess I'm secretly hoping to be one of THOSE EXTREME COUPONERS!! haha!! Some day!! Here are my pictures of what I got today! (Some of the items that HAD to be refrigerated or frozen were put away!!) CVS Walmart TOPS (quite a few of the meats were put away and so were the eggs!) For CVS today: Total before savings was $24.21 ..... after savings $13.80 tax included. Walmart's total before savings was $74.26 ..... after coupons $55.99. Tops Market total before savings was $212.03 ..... $128.65. I'm slowly getting the hang of this new system of using coupons..... one of these days hopefully I can say that I saved over 50%!! I know I'm getting close, but not fast enough!! hahahaha!! Pretty soon I'm going to have to get a new binder for all my coupons, the one I have is getting a little small! Some of the great deals I got today: free mccormick gravy mix, all 8 boxes of the Fiber One bars ended up being $1 per box, 2 out of 4 cake mixes were free and the other 2 were only $1 each, 1 renuzit freshener was free, the new velveeta skillet meals were .98 cents a piece, one frank's red hot was free, dole parfait's were $1 each, and my favorite deal were the two Starbucks pkgs. of coffee which ended up being only about $4.50 each (normally they are at least $7.99 and hubby goes through ALOT of Starbucks!!) Well, thanks for checking in with me today.......maybe one day I can teach you all how to do this too! I'm having fun while trying to get the best deals too!! Okay, gotta go for today! Take care and God bless!

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