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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Everyday pics.....

Well, today I finally took a picture of something I see each and everyday......my baby daughter's hands while she is playing.....I just LOVE this photo!! Isn't it adorable! I just love baby hands!!

She is 5 months old and is really starting to grab things alot better, hold the bottle by herself, use her feet when she is playing with her floor toy, and she is being a little more vocal too! I think she wants to start crawling, but she just hasn't got the hang of it yet! It's moments like these that I am sooooo happy to be a mommy!!

Here is a picture of my other daughter's princess play shoes......she will go change into one of her dresses and then put these shoes on, then she'll come out to me and say, Mommy, do I look pretty? Or, Mommy, do I look like a princess now? More mommy moments for me! I sooooo love having children!!

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