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Hi! I'm Lisa, or Scrapadoodler on my scrapbooking sites. I am married and have two beautiful little girls ages 9 and 4. I am a believer in Jesus - a child of the King. I love CHRISTMAS, photography, scrapbooking, trash to treasure home decor, and anything crafty! I also have a new love of cleaning and organizing. I have a growing collection of snowmen and I just LOVE Christmas! I hope you enjoy my blog....sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and spend a little time with me! God bless you today!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is over!

Wowzers, I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone so quickly!! I wait for it ALL YEAR LONG, and then *POOF*, it's gone just like that!! Well, it was a fairly nice Christmas this year anyhow.......I got my wii fit and Jillian Michaels wii games that I wanted....my vow for this new year is to really get in shape, and let me tell you, I REALLY NEED TO!!! I've already been doing them for three days now, not a bad start I must say!! This was baby Rachel's first Christmas....what a fun time it was to have another child here at Christmas....I soooo love children! I am just so thankful to the Lord above for entrusting us with two beautiful children. I just love watching them grow and learn new things everyday.......maybe I'll try that Ali Edwards everyday scrapping thing this new year.......hmmmmmm...............
Julie had a blast for christmas too.......she didn't get a whole lot of toys, but she got a couple things at least that she really wanted! We even left Santa cookies and milk, and left Rudolph some carrots........Santa even left Julie a "Thank you" note!! She was soooo surprised!! And talk about Christmas miracles.......we've worked thru some of the family problems we've had, and we were able to see our nieces and nephews....Thanks to the Lord above!! God is good, all the time....and all the time, God is good!!
Will try to post more soon!

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